Nanowin. the unique way for a nano world.
Nanowin. The ability to manipulate and control at the atomic world.



Our company

Our company, NanoWin Corp, was founded in November, 2003 and we now supply to the Customers for Nano Science, Bio Science, Mechanical & Optical engineering and Test& Measurement systems.
The history of our company is short but all of our company members have much experience and know-how in relation to Nano Technologies, Mechanical engineering, and Bio & Life Science for a long time.
Especially, our main business field is Atomic Force Microscope, Nano Positioning system, Laser Measurement and Optics etc.
Our sales and technical experts with abundant experience and professional skill have given remarkable efforts to fulfill Customer Satisfaction for our domestic clients.
On our company philosophy, we aim to materialize customer satisfaction with our faithfulness and confidence and at the same times we try to do our best to supply to the customers for high performance systems and supports.
We hope we will continue to develop ourselves as global company and share our success with our customers together for this 21st Century.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.

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